Tuesday, July 13, 2004


NY Times: How to Make a Guerrilla Documentary:
''Outfoxed'' was made in an unusually collaborative fashion. In January, Greenwald rigged up a dozen DVD recorders and programmed them to record Fox News 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for about six months. After scrutinizing the initial footage, Greenwald and a team of researchers compiled a list of what they saw as Fox's telltale themes and techniques: stories questioning the patriotism of liberals; relentlessly upbeat reports on Iraq; belligerent hosts who scream at noncompliant guests. Greenwald planned for the list's categories eventually to become organizing sections of the film. As he envisioned it, the film clips grouped by theme, together with voice-overs and commentary, would lay bare Fox's tactics, frame by frame.

Dan Gillmor comments.

Official movie site with previews / trailers.

UPDATE-1: Fox gets nasty in response to the NYTimes article.

UPDATE-2: Professor Lawrence Lessig points to a related editorial in Variey here.

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