Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Headless iMac?

Rumors are flying about a $500 monitor-less iMac that may be announced at the January 11th MacWorld in San Francisco.

This makes sense and would be very cool but there's been lots of bad rumors flying around lately (like last weeks Spanish rumor/hoax that Apple was setting up a cell phone service).

Target Market for a sub-$500 iMac: Windows users (switchers), iPod users and me! I'd simply hook one up to my 42" gas plasma display and run a wireless keyboard, mouse and WiFi net connection :-)

If this comes to be and Apple has done their homework it should include some type of KMV switch or switchbox to accomodate monitors & keyboards people already own.

Apple says: "it'll never happen".

Link via Gizmodo.

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