Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mobile Plans?

Ideas, thoughts and speculation on Apple's Mobile Mojo.

UPDATE: and on a related note, from InfoWorld's Ephraim Schwartz article "Apple follows the money" (via the "All About Mobile Life" blog):

* I quickly realized that Apple’s consumer strategy is not unlike IBM’s enterprise strategy; both see their future as facilitators, by which I mean each wants to be the premier middleware vendor for its marketplace.

* In essence, Apple is saying, “All of that consumer electronics gear is unimportant. Get the equipment you want at the best price. We’ll take care of the hard stuff that makes using it worthwhile.”

* If Apple can convince consumers that the Mac is the link that allows them to easily access all of their electronic gadgets, they will have pulled off quite a coup. By blending high tech and consumer electronics like nobody else, Apple reduces vendors like Hitachi, Samsung, and Sony to mere hardware shadows, waiting to be commoditized.

* Like IBM, Apple appears to understand that in a world of cheap labor and commoditized products, service becomes the competitive differentiator.

Link to his InfoWorld article.