Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Busy as a Bee!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I started a new gig today as company cofounder and;

Chief Marketing Officer / VP Business Development

“Swarmteams™ is a unified global messaging platform that integrates internet and mobile phone communications to enhance the performance of teams, groups and social networks through intelligent sharing of information among member devices — regardless of their location.”

We're essentially a mobile social networking technology platform but with a serious twist – "Multichannel, 2-Way, Mobile Group Messaging that bridges Mobile Devices with the Web/internet" (check out the TechBriefing/Demo links below)...

but more importantly – we enable our clients and business partners to engage, support and monetize their most important user communities (24x7) via integrated 2-way messaging across mobile phones, instant messaging, email, web and RSS – in a way that unifies, promotes and measures modern electronic "engagement marketing" activities.

Our unique approach is based on research into the field of biology and the effective forms of team communications and collaboration found in nature. Ken Thompson, my new boss, is a software engineer and researcher and has spent the past 10 years engaged in coaching teams, networks, communities and groups to work more effectively together. His contribution in developing the “Bioteaming Manifesto” centered on research into how biological groups and teams (e.g. ants, bees, geese, penguins and dolphins) effectively communicate and collaborate to achieve their goals.

Swarmteams consists of a small group of wonderful people located in N. Ireland and now Toronto and I'm exceptionally proud to be working with such a talented team!

That said, I'm off to workbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Check out the Online TECH BRIEF/Demo videos I created for:
Enterprise/Corporate Messaging and
Mobile/Web Media: Owners and Distributors
(including Wireless Carriers and MVNO's)

Multichannel Mobile Group Messaging:

Unique Differentiation:

Link to my new Hive!
Link to "Bioteaming" concepts.