Thursday, June 10, 2004

Hungry, Hungry, Wipo!

News from the latest World Intellectual Property Organization meeting in Europe:
If you don't know WIPO, these are the guys that ruled a few years back that Sting could not claim rights to the domain name because his name is a verb :-)

Via Cory (

"The Broadcast Treaty is a proposal from a WIPO Subcommittee that's supposedly about stopping "signal theft." But along the way, this proposal has turned into a huge, convoluted hairball that threatens to make the PC illegal, trash the public domain, break copyleft and put a Broadcast Flag on the internet.

The treaty negotiation process is unbelievably convoluted and hard-to-follow, and they've just wrapped up the latest round in Geneva. But for the first time, a really large group of "civil society" orgs were accredited to attend. [...] This is the first time that a really exhaustive peek inside a WIPO treaty negotiation has ever been published -- get it while it's legal!"

Cory and company's (EFF) consolidated notes here.

Source for this post is here.

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