Thursday, June 24, 2004

Orin Hatch: INDUCE Act Criminalzes the iPod?

Cory at BoingBoing says:

"With Orrin Hatch's nation-destroying "Inducing Infringement of Copyrights Act" headed for law, EFF has decided to create a real example of just what kind of "piracy" Hatch is targetting. Here's EFF's hypothetical complaint against Apple (for making the iPod) C|Net (for reviewing the iPod), and Toshiba (for supplying hard drives for iPods). All three of these activities fall within the scope of activity that Hatch's bill seeks to end": link to

Link directly to EFF Article.

UPDATE: If not INDUCE, then what might be some alternatives? Link.

UPDATE: A pair of NYT editorials explore alternatives to mass lawsuits against peer-to-peer filesharers and harmful legislation like the Induce Act.

In one of them William Fisher, a professor at Harvard Law School, puts file sharing into a historical perspective and concludes -- like so many before him -- that "the entertainment industry must develop a business model that takes advantage of the way the Internet has changed the economics of content distribution. The story with the happiest ending -- both for the public and for the copyright owners -- was the one in which the owners were denied any share in the revenues earned by the developers of the new technology but instead had to develop a new business model to take advantage of it (VCRs)," Link.

And finally (whew!) here's a very cool opinion piece by 17 year old Julian Portillo! Link.

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