Friday, June 02, 2006

The Boss hooks up with AOL Music

by Staci Kramer (

"Maybe it’s just the longtime Bruce fan in me but this actually broke through a growing fatigue with announcements of broadband “firsts” … AOL Music is posting a new exclusive video the morning after each concert in Bruce Springsteen’s just-started five-week North American tour with the Seeger Sessions Band.
Video from the first four concerts is up now; the package — “18 Nights Of Bruce” — includes pix, set lists, commentary from fan site, IM and email links, and, of course, a link to AOL Tickets.
This may be the only way I get to experience the Seeger Sessions tour as it happens (it isn’t coming to St. Louis) so I hope the balkiness I experienced loading the video in Firefox and two versions of IE was a momentary glitch.
– AOL’s effort has scale but it isn’t the first video broadband venue for the new album. The inaugural concert performance for Springsteen and the band streamed live on MSN Video as part of its New Orleans Jazz Fest coverage and is still up, along with the other video from the event."

I just watched "Oh, Mary don't you weep" from the Seger sessions tour. It's like "folk on steroids". Pretty cool.