Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Why "Tagging" Matters

By Jemima Kiss,

Matt Locke, head of innovation for BBC New Media, focused on the complexities of folksonomies. He picked out six motivations behind tagging: future retrieval; contribution and sharing; attracting attention; play and competition; self presentation; and opinion and expression, which he expects to become a bigger part of tagging. That’s a move away from pure organization to a more tailored way of distributing and finding personally relevant content.
He said this kind of classification, which is essentially what tagging is, is not useful in areas where hard transactions need to be done but that “there are huge areas where we can categorize using folksonomies and those gigantic spaces are generally in social media”.
– He said the challenge for the BBC is to work out how people really feel about TV, what kind of things they want to say about it and how they want to link with it. There’s an API out for the new-ish BBC programme catalog and they are waiting to see how people want to use that information, expecting the most successful service in this area to be playful, content agnostic uses.

NOTE: if you don't know what "tagging" is check this out.