Thursday, July 13, 2006

Series of Tubes

Last week Alaska Senator Ted Stevens described the interent as a "series of tubes" (via cory at BoingBoing) and today this brilliant MP3 mashup tune showed up in my aggregator -- it's hysterical.

UPDATE: Well, this didn't take long :-)

UPDATE: and finally, the New York Times chimes in with a story here.
Intersting how the article headline calls Steven's comments a "slip of the tounge" vs. the fact that he has little to no idea what he's talking about.

UPDATE: another Daily Show desk piece...

John Hodgman, the fellow who plays the PC in Apple's recent commercial blitz, is a regular Daily Show guest. This clip features Hodgman discussing Net Neutrality by way of pretending that he's a computer of some sort. I wonder what kind of computer he would be? (via TUAW)