Friday, May 14, 2004

Burt Rutan hits 200,000 feet

Looks like Burt is very close to winning the X-Prize
(The first, private, commercial, manned space flight: $10M purse).

His company "Scaled Composites" has built many award winning, record setting aircraft (sadly including the one John Denver bit it in) but they're now aiming for outer space using a 2 stage vehicle.

Here's the whole rig:



"Given all the rocket plane activity at the Mojave Airport, steps have been taken to have the facility certified as a spaceport.

Stuart Witt, General Manager of the Mojave Airport, envisions the site busily handling the horizontal launchings and landings of reusable spacecraft.

Witt said the FAA's Office of Commercial Space Transportation is reviewing an application to license Mojave Airport as an inland spaceport. In fact, the airport is already a natural center for research and development and certification programs, such as the rocket plane work of Scaled Composites and XCOR Aerospace". Link

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