Tuesday, May 11, 2004

WiFi Phenomenon

Via CBS News MarketWatch:

"Brian Cruikshank, senior vice president at Ipsos-Insight, a research firm, said 134 million people have tried or used some form of wireless, or 40 percent of people with access to the Internet. On average, around the world, one in four people have heard of Wi-Fi, the wireless data standard. And nearly one in 10 in urban parts of China use it to access the Internet.

The most explosive growth days for Wi-Fi are to come, Cruikshank added. Last year, the number of households with mobile phones grew by 100 million, representing a growth rate five times that of PCs. "As mobile phone penetration continues to increase, Internet-enabled handsets will likely become commonplace," Cruikshank said. E-mail and text messaging top the activities of mobile users, while at least one in 10 engaged in wireless photo messaging, gaming, instant messaging or Web browsing".

"The Face of the Web" study by Ipsos-Insight was conducted in October 2003 and included adults in 13 countries. Link

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