Friday, January 07, 2005

TiVo bails on Cable

Most of my Canadian pals haven't yet used a TiVo.
I had one for two years in silicon valley and man are they sweet!

Given the fact that TV viewship among 18-35 males is going south fairly rapidly this gradual "pivot" from Cable content to Internet IP based content makes a lot of sense for TiVo. I just hope they've timed it right.
Link to Slashdot.

Another reason it makes sense is because the incumbents (Networks, Studios, Cable Companies) are loosing it. Their persistence in wanting to quash any and all forms of P2P content distribution and implement a digital broadcast flag are obvious: they're loosing control of distribution.
Link to CinemaMinima.

Text of a TiVo handout introducing their Developer Tools (from this weeks CES Las Vegas) available here.

More TiVo CES coverage from PVRBlog here.

UPDATE: So at the last minute CEO Mike Ramsay pulled the plug on a deal with Comcast. OK, it was probably a bad deal and he was ballsy in making the call, that's what CEO's do. New York Times article (1/17/05) here.

I have an idea: Hey Mike, how about a deal with Apple? :-)

UPDATE: (1/17/05) and I swear to God... I saw this a couple of hours after my suggestion that Apple talk to TiVo :-)
Link via Om Mailk and the NYTimes.

UPDATE: Professor Ed Felton pipes in here with a great question: "What went wrong with TiVo?"

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