Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Mac mini

The video stream of Steve Jobs keynote is available here.


Guess the rumors were true... and he did it all without smoke and lasers!
More info and pricing here.

UPDATE: I just realized the Mac mini with an AirportWiFi card could easily be controlled from an iBook or PowerBook using Remote Desktop or Timbuktu. This would make a sweet, powerful and mobile workstation for encoding, ripping, burning, a shared iTunes library/playlists and various other cool applications.

Some great dramatic review notes on Steve's performance here (via Om Malik on Broadband).

Same goes for the tiny iPod called the "iPod Shuffle".

More info and pricing at here.

iPod Lounge has a photo gallery here.

Geeks can get full keynote coverage from Engadget blog here.

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