Sunday, January 01, 2006

Big Surf

Like, the biggest ever recorded dude...

Below is an amazing clip from this Sundays PBS "Nature" episode titled:
"Condition Black", "an episode that examines the dangerous weather system that swept through Hawaii on January 28, 1998. Surfers from around the world came to the state's famous North Shore with hopes of riding some of the largest waves ever recorded. However, the Coast Guard deemed the storm so hazardous, all access to the water was officially denied." But a small group of daring surfers made it out to a spot called "log cabin" 1/2 to 2 miles offshore in Waimea Bay. Eyewitness accounts are combined with unbelievable action footage, some of which was captured on 70mm IMAX film.

Can't say I'm too happy with the quality of the video clip or the nasty scan lines but this is truly amazing footage (8:00 mins). Hopefully it'll make you run out and catch the IMAX film called "Extreme"... or maybe just make you wax up your board :-)